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2021 at DFF: A Year of Growth

Here at DFF, there is only one way for us to describe 2021: a year of growth. From new business to new employees to new capabilities, we’ve continued to expand without any sign of slowing down.

New Business Highlights

We recognize how fortunate we were to continue our upward trajectory during the COVID-19 pandemic, while other companies were forced to make difficult decisions. We credit that growth to the dedication of our team and our ability to push into new industries and markets. Here’s a look at some of the highlights from the past year:

A Focus on Semiconductor Quality

When a global leader in the semiconductor industry was dissatisfied with the quality of their high vacuum chambers, which had been produced by a manufacturing partner, they turned to us to develop a solution. We created chambers that stood up to strict helium leak detection standards and excelled in real-world testing scenarios, leading to a second partnership with the company.

In Vitro Diagnostics Design Modification

A longtime customer with a successful 75-year history in in vitro diagnostics needed to correct a high failure rate on a sought-after and regulated blood analyzer. We were able to help them accomplish this by reverse-engineering the 300-part assembly to diagnose a design modification that improved accuracy, met FDA regulations and doubled the production of the part.

Design for Defense Manufacturing

We helped a global aerospace and defense company outfit their jets with 8-foot-long munition magazines through a custom 3D printed concept. The project yielded a beta product which is currently in testing.

New Employees

Naturally, we needed more employees to help handle all of this incoming business. We added an additional 165 in 2021 for a grand total of 325 employees throughout DFF. We’re hoping to continue this trajectory as we move forward. We’re are actively looking for additional talent, especially engineers, laborers, machinists and CNC Programmers, and encourage those interested in a career at DFF to apply.

New Space and New Capabilities

Our facility began with a 2,000-square-foot building, but increased client demand quickly led to a need for more space and more capabilities. With a recent construction project, we added two buildings and increased our total square footage to 300,000. This new area paved the way for new capabilities: including 30 large CNC machines to our existing fleet.

We also recently invested in a digital Gemba Board to track the status of our workplace in real-time. The tool has been proven invaluable as an indicator of key factory metrics involving safety, quality, delivery, cost and inventory. It provides detailed insights into any customer, project or part, helping to streamline our efficiencies and forecast our projects.

Looking to the Future

At DFF, we are always growing. If your project requires precision machinery that we don’t already have, we can invest in new equipment to ensure we get the job done. This dedication allows us to meet the needs of our ever-evolving clients. While 2021 was a year of tremendous growth, we hope to accomplish even more in 2022. Are you interested in partnering with us for a project? Reach out to learn more about our precision machining capabilities or to discuss the ways we can help you.

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