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The Benefits of Robotic Cells

When it comes to precision manufacturing, accuracy and speed are critical to the success of an operation—and our robotic machining cells ensure these benefits. To explain how these systems benefit our customers, it’s necessary to describe how they work: a robotic cell is a complete system that includes a robot, a controller, an enclosed space for the robot to operate and additional components that allow the robot to complete multiple tasks. In this blog, we’re looking into the benefits of robotic cells, while also examining how our capabilities can help your facility accomplish your manufacturing goals.

The Benefits

Efficient and Consistent

While there are generally regulations in place to limit the speed of a robot within the presence of a human worker, the robotic cell provides various barriers to remove this limitation. This allows the robots to perform complex machining tasks with impeccable accuracy and speed. Cell operators can load and unload parts while the robot works on alternative tasks. This efficiency is combined with flawless consistency, resulting in a repeatable process with repeatable results.


Automated systems work faster and longer for a lower cost—and this is further compounded with the presence of a cell. Instead of wages and benefits, these systems require maintenance. But as technology improves, the cost of maintaining and repairing robotic systems goes down, resulting in savings shared by us, our partners and our customers.


While efficiency and savings are critical, it is of the utmost importance to keep workers safe while operating machinery. Robotic cells can handle tasks which would prove to be dangerous to humans, such as working with sharp tools, heavy machinery or caustic chemicals. The safety barriers of the cell allow the robot to quickly accomplish these dangerous tasks without posing any risks to operators.

The DFF Robotic Machining Cells

In our facility, our systems include two very large robotics lines, each with two robots that services 16+ CNC machines by quickly moving large castings through the cell. The robots run continuously to produce the volume of parts and ultimately the assemblies that our customers require. Our accuracy, speed and safety would not be possible without this important technology.

Are you interested in our precision machining and manufacturing capabilities? Or maybe you require engineering design assistance? No matter what you need, we’re ready to partner with you and provide the highest-quality services. If you’re interested in working with us, or if you just want to learn more about what we do, just contact us online or give us a call at 413.786.8880.

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