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The Production Benefits of Our Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)

No matter what project we undertake, our goal is always to manufacture or assemble a product that is as near perfect as it can be. To consistently meet this goal in an efficient and timely manner, we leverage a Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) that can react quickly to any changes that might come up during production. Read on to learn more about the benefits that you will reap when you partner with us and our FMS for your production needs.

FMS Advantages

An FMS is a method of production that can swiftly conform to adjustments in the manufacturing process, such as product specifications or quantity. In general, an FMS helps to improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce production costs.

Designed for processing low-volume, high-mix components, our FMS includes dedicated machines and pallet systems for a family of components. If you are a customer that regularly needs a specific part or part that is from a larger product family, or if you need support for overflow production, our FMS capabilities will benefit you.

When you partner with us in an FMS capacity, you will reduce labor costs as we meet your production needs in a modern, climate-controlled facility with 24/7 lights-out manufacturing capabilities. Some of our customers have benefited from the industrial robots that operate a few of the 100-plus CNC machines on our shop floor—seeing labor costs lower by as much as 90% due to this technology.

Our array of available machinery allows us to accommodate multiple setups, even with little notice. We have CNC machine centers that provide vertical, horizontal and 5-axis CNC machining services as well as an extensive tool room that is fully equipped with milling, lathe machines and more.

Manufacture with Us

Are you in need of a manufacturing partner who will work alongside you to produce high-quality parts at the throughput you need? If so, reach out and learn how our FMS can benefit you. Contact us online to get started.


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