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How DFF Achieves Continuous Improvement with Datanomix

It’s not enough to be the best—you can always strive to be better. At DFF, we embody the concept of continuous improvement, which we accomplish by retrieving, sorting and displaying up-to-the-second information on our most critical jobs. In this blog, we explain how we pursue continuous improvement with Datanomix on our manufacturing floor, and how we ensure our clients reap the ensuing benefits.

The Old Process

Prior to implementing Datanomix, our production managers would walk the factory floor and work alongside operators to correct problems and make the necessary changes to improve production speed and accuracy. This worked for a time, but then we expanded rapidly, gaining new customers across the globe.

As the necessity for our services increased, we quickly hired hundreds of new employees, deployed additional multi-million-dollar robotic machine cells and dramatically increased our total square footage. It was time for a newer, faster, better method: Datanomix Fusion GEMBA technology.

What is the Datanomix Fusion GEMBA Board?

Datanomix Fusion is the industry’s first hands-free, real-time, plug-and-play production and operations monitoring solution that requires no operator input and automatically benchmarks and scores running jobs using only data from the manufacturing equipment itself.

The board connects directly to our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to create an intelligent and simple pulse for the entire factory, delivering a dynamic view of the whole operation as it happens. With this new technology,  every square foot of space is planned and documented to serve a purpose for our customers.

More specifically, the board provides a real-time, automated indicator of safety, quality, delivery, cost and inventory (SQDCI). It measures development at both strategic and tactical levels—tracking order progress, current performance and our ability to hit both quality and delivery targets with consistency.

To help display this vital information, we installed a dozen large TV screens around the production area and office suites so everyone can see clear production indicators instantaneously. This clarifies priorities, displays metrics and allows plans to unfold directly in front of the entire workforce.

How Can We Help You?

Even beyond our technological advancements, we are a partner you can trust to go above and beyond for on-time delivery, efficiency and supply availability. Contact us today to learn more about our efforts toward continuous improvement, and the ways we can assist with your precision machining and electromechanical assembly needs.

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