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DFF in the News

From precision machining & manufacturing news to featured stories, you can read about DFF in the news here. Discover the latest on what we’re up to and how we continue to separate ourselves from the competition with the latest in electromechanical assembly news updates.

DFF Corp. Expands Manufacturing Facility and Workforce

July 30, 2021

Continuing an extended period of growth, DFF recently added 185 employees, increased their total square footage to 300,000 and added 30 large CNC machines, with additional expansions planned.

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Datanomix Introduces Continuous Improvement Automation Software to Supercharge Your GEMBA Walks

March 26, 2021

DFF president and his staff first deployed the Datanomix Fusion Monitoring System across their 300,000 sq ft facility as a phase one for intelligently managing their large production floor.

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