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Precision Machining
& Manufacturing

Our Services Are Second to None

At DFF, we're known for our exceptional design-assist abilities and quality machining services. We leverage more than 100 CNC machines and boast extensive capacity to handle project runs of all sizes with a specialty in mid to high volume quantities. Our capabilities are constantly evolving as we acquire new machinery and learn new processes to meet the growing needs of our client base. If your project requires machinery that we don't have, we can invest in new equipment.

Some of our customers benefit from the industrial robots we integrated into cells on our shop floor. In addition to allowing skilled employees to focus on other work, they increase productivity overall. Some have even lowered labor costs by as much as 90%.

Our Precision Machining & Manufacturing Capabilities

All of our services are with superior cost control in mind and carried out in such a way to achieve increased lead times. Trust DFF and our precision machining equipment including:

  • 100+ CNC Machine Centers: Vertical, Horizontal and 5-Axis CNC Machining services
  • Robotic Cell: Improve productivity and lower costs
  • Flexible Machining System: Utilized for low volume, high mix components, our systems include dedicated machines and pallet systems for a family of components.
  • CNC Milling: Perfect for prototyping and modeling of materials like metal or plastic
  • CNC Turning: Mid to high volume runs of prototypes, spacers, shafts or bushings below 2.5"
  • Extensive Tool Room: Fully equipped with milling, lathe machines and more


In addition we offer real-time SPC (Statistical Process Control) and drop or international shipments.

We’d Love to Partner

Thanks to our commitment to client satisfaction, our innovative technology, and our powerful CNC machinery, DFF is expertly poised to act as your partner in your next manufacturing endeavor.

  • We can accommodate your capacity: Our modern manufacturing area is climate controlled with 24-7 lights-out capability to meet your production needs.
  • We incorporate the latest technologies: Our state-of-the-art robotic cell is an example of our commitment to reinvest in the latest technology to meet our customer's needs.

Interested in learning more about our offerings and capabilities? Please contact us to discuss your project and how we can assist.