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Precision Machining
& Manufacturing


At DFF, we're known for our exceptional design-assist abilities and quality machining services. We leverage more than 100 CNC machines and boast extensive capacity to handle project runs of all sizes. Our capabilities are constantly evolving as we acquire new machinery and learn new processes to meet the growing needs of our client base. If your project requires machinery that we don't have, we can invest in new equipment.

Our precision manufacturing capabilities are second to none. You might know precision manufacturing by a different name, such as Industry 4.0. Precision manufacturing is an umbrella term referring to capabilities that allow manufacturers to achieve higher levels of process control than ever before.

Precision manufacturing, combined with our access to a variety of CNC machines—including vertical, horizontal, and 5-axis—position us as the ideal partner in any fabrication endeavor. Each of our machines has been carefully selected to meet specific application needs beyond all relevant industry standards.

Our modern manufacturing area is climate controlled with 24-7 lights-out capability to meet your production needs. We are an ideal single-source solution for close tolerance fabrication, machining & finishing of alloy and composite materials.

DFF is committed to offering our customers the latest manufacturing solutions. Our state-of-the-art robotic cell is an example of our commitment to reinvest in the latest technology to meet our customer's needs.

Manufacturing capabilities

  • 100+ CNC Machine Centers (Vertical, Horizontal, 5 Axis)
  • Robotic Cell
  • Flexible Machining System
  • Large CNC Milling & Turning Work Centers
  • Mid to High Volume Quantities
  • Extensive Tool Room
  • Real Time SPC
  • Drop or International Shipments

Flexible Machining Systems

Flexible machining systems are utilized for low volume, high mix components.  DFF’s flexible machining systems includes dedicated machines and pallets systems for a family of components.

There are numerous benefits to flexible machining, such as:

  • Uses resources to maximum capacity
  • Improved lead times
  • Superior cost control

In the realm of machining, flexible manufacturing protocols are relatively easy to implement. Automated cells made up of standard modules keep installation costs low. From here, it's easy to add additional modules to expand capacity based on need or integrate new capabilities with specialized add-ons.

Robotic Cells for Increased Efficiency

Industrial robots are becoming increasingly common in the manufacturing industry. Many manufacturers group these robots into cells capable of a variety of machining operations to save space and maximize efficiency. Taking steps to replace even a few traditional machines with automated robotics has been shown to noticeably increase productivity.

Utilizing robotic cells during the machining and manufacturing process presents a number of benefits:

  • It provides cost and process efficiencies during the production process.
  • It allows skilled employees to focus on other work.
  • Some robotic machines can lower labor costs by as much as 90% per machine.
  • It takes less equipment, less material, and less human attention to perform higher-quality work.

Full Spectrum of CNC Machining Capabilities

At DFF, we offer a range of flexible machining capabilities such as:

CNC Milling

CNC milling relies on vertical or horizontal CNC machines. In some cases, workpieces are fed into stationary tools while the tools rotate at high speeds. In others, tools are moved across stationary workpieces in order to remove materials.

CNC milling is ideal for projects:

  • Featuring materials like metal, and plastics
  • Requiring prototyping and modeling
  • That are larger in run size

CNC Turning

CNC turning is a commonly utilized manufacturing process. Bars of material are placed inside of a CNC machine. These bars are rotated while a separate tool removes material from the bar to create the desired shape or product.

CNC turning is ideal for projects such as:

  • Medium to high volume runs
  • Parts below 2.5"
  • Prototypes, spacers, shafts, bushings

Thanks to our commitment to client satisfaction, our innovative technology, and our powerful CNC machinery, DFF is expertly poised to act as your partner in your next manufacturing endeavor.

Interested in learning more about our offerings and capabilities? Please contact us to discuss your project.