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The Top Five Factors that Differentiate DFF from the Competition

For more than 50 years, we have embodied the concept of “defect free flow,” consistently going to great lengths to ensure all our products and parts stand up to rigorous testing standards before leaving the building. Whenever we take on a contract manufacturing project, we make sure that the final product is as close to perfect as it can be. With that in mind, we’ve compiled the top five factors that differentiate DFF from other contract manufacturers.

1) Engineering Design Assist

Whether you have a specific problem that needs to be solved or you just need a new perspective on a project, our engineering design assist services are second to none.

Our team will carefully and thoughtfully evaluate the part or parts you wish for us to manufacture, offering insight and suggestions as to refinements that could both simplify the production process and save you money.

2) Experience with Tight Tolerances

With extensive experience in the aerospace and defense industries, we’re no stranger to working within tight tolerances. For example, when a global defense company needed to design two 8-foot-long munition magazines to outfit a newly designed, industry-leading weapon to be used on a fighter jet, they knew they could rely on us for the required precision, knowledge and manufacturing equipment.

Our team didn’t disappoint—after significant design engineering, research and development, we used our 3D printing technology to create a part to help conceptualize and facilitate roundtable discussions during the development phase. Then we manufactured two sets of prototype parts and sent them to the customer for testing, leading to a beta order and an ongoing partnership.

3) Electromechanical Assembly Capabilities

We are a partner that can assist with complex electromechanical assemblies to discrete orders, Kanban or forecasts with releases. We frequently aid our clients within the transportation industry with component assembly for products associated with motor control. In addition, we help companies with technical needs get their products into the market. No matter the project, our team always ensures quality and reliability at a competitive price, right from the start.

4) Variable Volume Capacity

At our facility, we leverage more than 100 precision CNC machines and are capable of handling client projects of all sizes, with a specialty in higher-volume quantities. Our systems include two very large robotics lines, each with one robot that services at least 16 CNC machines by quickly moving large castings through the cell. Our team also recently invested in a digital GEMBA board to measure our development at both strategic and tactical levels by tracking order progress and our ability to consistently hit both quality and delivery targets. These combined elements mean we are prepared to reach any high-volume orders.

5) Commitment to American Manufacturing

Our team and our facility are both constantly growing and improving, while simultaneously remaining true to our commitment to American manufacturing. The majority of our work is conducted on our campus in Agawam, Massachusetts, or performed by one of our trusted suppliers. Through the efforts of our team and network, we’re able to keep costs down without having to resort to moving all production offshore.

Experience the DFF Difference

Are you ready to experience the DFF difference? To reap the benefits of a partnership with us or discover more about our services, please reach out.

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