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Why Partner with DFF For Precision Machining?

When DFF was founded in 1969, we made our name by producing low-volume prototype components for our customers. Over the years, our company has expanded and grown into a leading contract manufacturer specializing in medium- to high-volume production of precision machined components and electro-mechanical assembly products. To meet the growing needs of our clients and maintain our reputation as a high-quality manufacturer, we have consistently invested in new technologies and learned new processes. So, should you partner with DFF for your precision machining needs? Read on to learn all about how you’ll benefit from working with us.

Modern Manufacturing Spaces and Technology

No matter what your project capacity is, we can handle it. In fact, we have a modern manufacturing area that is climate controlled with 24-7 lights-out capability to meet your production needs.

We undertake our precision machining services with superior cost control in mind, carrying out our manufacturing to achieve increased lead times for customers. Our team leverages state-of-the-art precision machining equipment, including:

  • 100+ CNC Machine Centers: Vertical, horizontal and 5-axis CNC machining services
  • Flexible Machining Systems: Used for low volume, high mix components, our systems include dedicated machines and pallet systems for a family of components
  • CNC Milling: Perfect for prototyping and modeling of materials like metal or plastic
  • CNC Turning: Mid to high volume runs of prototypes, spacers, shafts or bushings below 2.5″
  • Extensive Tool Room: Fully equipped with milling, lathe machines and more

We also utilize industrial robots in the cells on our shop floor. We have two very large robotic lines, each with two robots that service 16+ CNC machines by moving materials through the cell. These robots not only allow skilled employees to focus on other work, but they also increase productivity and lower labor costs for our customers.

The Visual Factory

Our use of state-of-the-art technology doesn’t just stop at the robots that work on our shop floor. We also employ what’s known as a visual factory, which helps us better understand and streamline all the services we provide, including precision machining.

At the heart of the visual factory is a digital Fusion GEMBA Board—designed by Datanomix—that provides a real-time, automated indicator of safety, quality, delivery, cost and inventory (SQDCI). The board also measures development by tracking order progress, current performance and our ability to hit both quality and delivery targets with consistency.

Ultimately, our visual factory helps our team consistently provide our customers with high-quality results in a timely manner.

Partner With DFF

We are a precision manufacturing partner that can provide repeatable results. Our team is ready to step in and work alongside you to manufacture a product that is as near perfect as it can be. Reach out to us online to learn more about our services.

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